The Book

High Fives at High Tide is a children’s book about friendship. It started out as a small personal project to create a short storybook for one special little girl. But soon, Jen and Jodie realized that it was too much fun to keep to themselves and thought, why not share it?

we are so excited!

The story was inspired by Jodie’s fascination with the migratory habits of the albatross and her desire to read a story to her daughter that she had written herself. This is not to downplay the countless hours they have spent watching BBC’s Planet Earth (which, it turns out, is as effective as any lullaby).

Labour of love at AKIN Collective

Jen gave life to the Squid and the Albatross using watercolour and gouache. Each page is a separate painting that was created with painstaking love. You may find yourself being swept away by the Squid’s emotive expressions. You may notice your eyes go a little wide and you may hear yourself say “Holy heck, that’s cute” while reading to a toddler. Her illustrations carry the story.

High Fives is best suited for children age 2-5. But we are certain that your 16 month old would have a lot of fun pointing out the “caws” (birds) and “ish” (fish). Ours definitely did.